The Carbon Positive Mortgages

What Is Carbon Positive?

Most of us use energy as individuals, but companies often use more energy and how we interact with them can also create carbon emissions.

Whether it’s electricity running computers, lights in the office, or emissions from travelling to and from places of business.

Carbon Neutral means that the carbon dioxide produced from an activity is measured, and the same amount of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere, usually through an environmental project.

Carbon Positive goes one step further; removing not only the same amount of carbon dioxide, but removing more than the measured amount of that activity.

Did you know sending 1 email, is estimated to use 4g of CO2 emissions and up to 50g if it has an attachment?


How Is Your Mortgage Application Carbon Positive?

We are very excited to announce a partnership between Discovery Mortgage Services and Carbon Neutral BritainTM,

Together we have calculated the carbon emissions produced with Carbon Neutral BritainTM used during the average house buying process. An estimated to be 0.338 kg CO2 is used per home move.

This includes your interactions with us, be it via email, phone or even in person, the estate agent visits, dealing with solicitors, valuation surveyor visit, even the removal services – it all creates carbon emissions.

By purchasing your next home with the help of Discovery Mortgages, we will offset your mortgage application emissions by 1000 kg CO2 this will ensure that it is not just a Carbon Neutral process but is a Climate Positive application.

This also enables us to issue our clients with an official Climate Positive Mortgage Application certificate after they move home.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to make the housing industry and our planet greener. More about Carbon Neutral Britiain


Carbon Neutral BritainTM Projects

Carbon Neutral Britain works on certified projects in Britain and around the world to reduce the amount of CO2e in the atmosphere.

The projects are certified by the Verra – Verified Carbon Standard (VCS, the Gold Standard – Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER) or the United Nations – Certified Emission Reductions (CER) programmes, the projects have been selected based on their direct and indirect impact around the world, not just in offsetting, but supporting education, employment, and clean water, as well as having a net positive impact on the local wildlife and ecology.

Through the Carbon Neutral Britain Offsetting Projects Woodland Fund™, carbon emissions have been offset through internationally certified carbon offsetting projects such as:

Yorkshire Woodland Management 

Nicaforest Restoration Program 

Burgos Wind Farm Project 

Planting Biodiverse Forests



Discovery Mortgages is proud to be part of this exciting initiative from our JLM Mortgage Network. Please get in touch for further information on how you can help off-set your Carbon with your next home move.

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